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Take Actions are community actions proposed by members of the SweetScore community and members of the SweetScore team that make your activism easy.  Take Actions don't necessarily reflect the views of SweetScore.


Please propose Take Actions you'd like others to join using the link above.

Take Actions generate emails that go directly to the target of the Take Action (with a copy to us) if we have an email for the target.  If we don't have an email for the target, emails come to us and we reach out to the target and send emails along once we get an address.


Company Take Actions


Title:  Make a Commitment to Join the Brunei Boycott

Company:   Hotels Owned by the Sultan of Brunei

Description:   Brunei recently passed laws making gay sex and adultery punishable by death by stoning.

In response, human rights advocates and LGBTQ rights advocates have called for a reversal of the law.

Rights advocates have also and launched a boycott of hotels owned by the Sutlan of Brunei, including: the Dorchester Hotel Group.

Many companies have now agreed not to book rooms or events at the hotels.

By joining this TakeAction, you express your support and urge other companies to to avoid booking events or rooms at these hotels.

Title:  Tell Delta Airlines You'd Like Them to Use Their Influence to Preserve Women's Reproductive Rights in Delta's Home State of Georgia

Company:   Delta Airlines

Description:   Georgia HB481, is a draconian assault on women's reproductive rights.

Delta Airlines is one of the largest companies headquartered in Georgia.

Tell them that you would like them to please use their influence to defeat HB481, and the local politicians who have been pushing it.

Title: Take Action – Congratulate L'Oreal USA for improving its Human Rights Campaign LGBTQ Leadership Score

Company: L'Oreal

Issue: LGBTQ+ Equality

Description:  L'Oreal USA moved from an 85 to 100 (out of 100) on the annual Corporate Equality Index published by the LGBTQ+ rights group the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Let L'Oreal know how much you appreciate the changes it made in its policies and practices to improve its score on this year's HRC index.

Title: Take Action – Progressive Insurance - Please Use Your Influence to Protect Women's Reproductive Rights in Ohio

Company: The Progressive Corporation - Insurance

Issue: Women's Equality and Reproductive Rights


Progressive is one of the largest companies headquartered in Ohio.

Ohio recently passed draconian laws targeting women's reproductive rights.

Tell Progressive insurance you'd like to see it use it's influence to seek a change in Ohio's restrictions on women's rights.

Title: Take Action – Give a Shout-Out to Mars, Inc. for Being Vocal on the Need to Fight Climate Change

Company: Mars, Inc.

Issue: Environmental Protections

Description: Tell how Mars, Inc. how much you appreciate the Climate Action Position Statement they include on their corporate site discussing the science regarding climate change, the risks it climate change posses and the actions they are taking at Mars to address it and become a sustainable organization.  Telling Mars you appreciate their leadership will strengthen their resolve to act as a model to other companies.   


Title: Take Action – Give a Shout-Out to Levis for Being Vocal on Gun Control Issues

Company: Levis

Issue: Gun Control

Description: Few companies have been willing to speak up for common sense gun control - but Levis is taking an active stand!  You can read about their awesome leadership in this Huffington Post article and on the Levis blog Unzipped.

At SweetScore, we believe that if enough companies speak up in favor of reasonable gun control, it will "normalize" the gun control conversation in ways that will lead to the new protections from gun violence we all need.

Tell Levis how much you appreciate their efforts!

Title: Take Action - Kimberly-Clark - It Would be Great to See More Than 2 Women on Your Board of 13

Company: Kimberly Clark

Issue: Women's Equality

Description:   According to the website Women on Boards 20/20, only 2 of Kimberly-Clark's 13 Board members are women.  All companies can benefit from a healthy representation of women on its board and that would seem particularly true for a company whose customers are primarily women. Join this Take Action to encourage Kimberly-Clark to add more women to its board.

Title: Take Action – Ask Texas based AT&T to use it's influence to get the State of Texas to drop it's lawsuit - Texas vs. The United States - seeking to eliminate health care protection for millions of Americans

Company: AT&T

Issue: Just and Civil Society

Description:   Millions of Americans rely on the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) to get health insurance they would not be able to get or would not be able to afford without the Affordable Care Act.

The State of Texas sued the Federal Government to end the Affordable Care Act and its protections for all Americans - no matter what state they live in in America.  A Texas based judge recently agreed with Texas and ruled that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.  See:  Federal judge in Texas rules entire Obama health-care law is unconstitutional.

AT&T is one of the largest companies headquartered in Texas and is capable of wielding great influence in Texas politics. Ask AT&T to stand up for its customers who rely on the Affordable Care Act and ask the State of Texas to drop its lawsuit and join with the State of California and other states that are defending the Affordable Care Act.

Tell them that you want to see them take a stand for humanity and decency.

Title: Take Action – Thank Toy Maker GreenToys for its Leadership in Environmentally Friendly Toy Design and Manufacturing 

Company: GreenToys

Issue: Environmental Protections

Take Action Contributor: Sustainable Works, Santa Monica, California

Description:    Bay Area headquartered GreenToys manufactures all of it's sturdy, reasonably priced and charming toys out of recycled plastic in production facilities located in California and elsewhere in the United States.

GreenToys hits all the buttons for green design, manages to produce reasonably priced, quality toys meeting the stringent environmental protection laws of California and is creating quality manufacturing jobs right in the principal market for its toys - the United States.

Let GreenToys know how much you appreciate it's commitment to green technology and local, environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Title: Take Action – Ask Toyota to speak out on Climate Action!

Issue: Environmental Protections

Description:    In 2014, Toyota, one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, moved its North America headquarters from Southern California to Plano, Texas. While Toyota avoided providing a comprehensive set off reasons for its move publicly, most commentators at the time attributed the move to a desire to move away from the "regulatory burden" of California law - read laws protecting the environment, women's rights,  workers rights, LGTBQ rights, etc.

Tell Toyota that, as a consumer who cares about Global climate change and protection of the environment, you're unhappy that Toyota would abandon a state that has long been a leader on environmental protections and that has successfully cut greenhouse emissions on a massive scale (see California Slashes Emmissions, meets major greenhouse goal years early (SF Chronicle) for a state that has eschewed making the same commitments California other States have to fight climate change and that   has sent a host of anti-science, climate change deniers to Congress - and that you'd like to see Toyota take an aggressive stance in favor of greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments by the State of Texas and elsewhere.

If enough consumers who care about the environment tell Toyota that they think its chosen home state needs to step up on climate change,  perhaps Texas can move from being an enemy to a friend of responsible environmental policy

Title: Take Action – Ask American Airlines to Speak Out on LGBTQ Rights in Texas!

Company: American Airlines

Issue: LGBTQ Rights

Description:    American Airlines has a history of being a solid supporter of  LGBTQ Rights.  See the Human Rights Campaign's Article about its leadership. However, American Airlines is situated in Texas, a state that is notorious for lack of leadership on human rights.  Texas recently passed a law making it legal for adoption clinics, including those receiving state funding, to discriminate against same sex couples seeking to adopt.  The passage of this law caused the City of San Francisco to place Texas on its list of places that city officials are banned from doing business with (the law places limitations on city business with companies headquartered in places that have laws that discriminate against the LGBTQ community). See Texas House Passes Bill Allowing LGBTQ Discrimination in Same-Sex Adoptions (Salon.com) and Texas Governor Signs Law Allowing Anti-LGBT Discrimination in Adoption (advocate.com).

Ask American Airlines to use it's influence to seek a change in this discriminatory law.

Title: Take Action – Give a Shout-Out to Patagonia for Being Vocal on Environmental Issues

Company: Patagonia

Issue: Environmental Protections

Description: While most Companies do and say little to protect the environment and to promote fundamental human rights and progressive, reasoned governance - and often support the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations that promote an anti-environment anti-progressive agenda - Patagonia regularly gets right out there with its reasoned  advocacy for the protection of the environment.  See, e,.g., Patagonia's post "Why Businesses are Hungary for a Strong EPA."

Tell how Patagonia how much you appreciate their reasoned articulation of environmental issues - and really show them you care buy telling them what you purchased on SweetScore and elsewhere to reward them for their ethical and moral stance.   


Title: Take Action – Say Thank You to Delta Airlines for Cancelling Discounts to NRA Members

Company: Delta Airlines

Issue: Gun Control

Description: Following the Parkland shooting, Delta Airlines did the right thing and cancelled a discount program for NRA members.  The move angered NRA members and Georgia legislators took the extraordinary move of punishing Delta for eliminating the discount by ending jet fuel tax exemptions.  See Time Magazine - Delta Just Doubled Down on its Decision to Cut Ties with the NRA.

Tell Delta you applaud them for doing the right thing.


Title:  Tell Home Depot You Want Them to Use Their Influence to Prevent Abusive Voter Registration Requirements and Voter Practices 

Company: Home Depot

Issue: Just and Civil Society

Description: Over the past few years, a number of U.S. States have taken a variety of steps to make it harder for people to vote.  The changes include adding new voter registration requirements, shortening early voting periods and closing voting places.  The effect of the changes generally falls hardest on racial minorities and those with less money, and the changes can be a means of disenfranchising segments of the population.

Georgia has some of the stricter voting registration laws and is among the states that have sought to make it harder to vote rather than easier (see the Vox article 7 Specific Ways States Made it Harder to Vote in 2016).

Home Depot is one of the largest companies headquartered in Georgia.  Tell them that you want to see them use their influence to change laws and practices to make it easier to vote in Georgia and elsewhere.


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