Our Mission

You know your purchases have impacts.

We know you want those impacts to be positive.

SweetScore gives you an easy way to make the world better with every purchase you make.


Our effort includes a three-step process that involves:

  • Gathering information from third party assessments of the leadership shown by Countries and US States on protection of the environment, fundamental freedoms and human rights, and corruption-free Democratic governance;

  • Allowing Companies, members of the community and SweetScore writers to asses leadership shown by Companies on protection of the environment and protection of fundamental human rights; and

  • Turning that information into simple SweetScore ratings that make it easy for you to buy from Companies, Countries and States rated as showing outstanding leadership on the issues we cover. 

Our mission is to create a consumer led financial incentive for good corporate policies and behaviors and for better Country and State laws.

The Issues we currently cover are:

Join our community of shopping activists to drive positive change.

Reward the Companies and Places that share your values.

While there are many ways to bring about positive change - we've built SweetScore in the belief that consumer spending has a unique ability to drive positive change.

If Companies realize that their leadership on the environment and on human rights will have a direct impact on their revenues, they'll improve their leadership.

If Companies also realize that the laws of their place of headquarters and the laws of the places they manufacture will help or hurt their financial success, they'll ask for legislative change in those places, and their requests will be listened to.

We believe that if enough consumers start putting their wallets where their hearts are, we'll have a massive new tool for the creation of positive change.


Put Your Wallet Where Your Heart Is ™


At  SweetScore,  Shopping  =  Change

P.S. We're just barely getting going.  Please be forgiving in your initial judgement of SweetScore and help us make SweetScore better.  Give us your input here or use the Contribute drop down menu to provide Companies, Products or Take Actions.  Register and get active in the SweetScore Community.  


For more information on SweetScore, including our ratings, please see About SweetScores , our FAQs, our  About Page, our  Content and Ratings Disclaimer.


Put Your Wallet Where Your Heart Is ™