Gun Control

With all of the other issues we discuss on SweetScore, there’s a level of distance from the immediate impact. Not so with gun control.


For the US, a lack of adequate gun control laws represents a direct threat to the very lives of countless citizens (including our youngest and most vulnerable). We at SweetScore aren’t demanding that the US repeal the 2nd amendment and melt all guns into statues of anti-gun activists, but with mass shootings occurring at a staggering frequency and gun deaths accounting for the third largest cause of death for children, we are long past the need for the universal application of common sense gun laws.

  • A ban on assault weapons.
  • Universal background checks
  • Child access prevention.

These and other regulations – as illustrated by the Giffords Law Center – are crucial to ensuring our safety and well-being.

For the moment, we only have Gun Control ratings for US states, so the SweetScores of other countries will not factor this issue in.

You can see how SweetScores on this and other Issues are determined at About SweetScores.

Third party reports we recommend you review include:

For a good article on the link between controls and rates of suicide and homicide, see this article from the LA Times.

We encourage you to do your own research and to come to your own conclusions about how to best fight gun violence.  We also encourage you to support organizations supporting rational control of murder weapons like the Giffords Law Center.

SweetScores are political opinion, not fact and they are neither Product Quality Ratings nor Company Quality Ratings.  Please see our  Content and Ratings Disclaimer.


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