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Make money and help build SweetScore by adding Products and Product Collections to SweetScore as a StyleMaker.


StyleMakers are people from all walks of life who have a passion for great, stylish Products and a passion for some or all of the Issues covered on SweetScore.  They are often experts on the Issues SweetScore covers.


They are not necessarily retail or fashion professionals.



Use the application form below to become a CollectionMaker on SweetScore.




Q – Do I have to be a maker of a Product to be a StyleMaker?

A – No. StyleMakers can be makers of Products, but generally are not and instead source and add Products made by others to SweetScore. They are not expected to be product makers themselves.


Q – What if I have a line of Products. Can I also be a StyleMaker and feature by own Products?

A – Yes, as long as you disclose that on SweetScore. It’s OK for StyleMakers to have biases, but we want them to be transparent about their biases.


Q – What’s in it for me if I become a StyleMaker?   Fame?   Fortune?

A –

Fame – possibly. You can Tweet and share your Collections to your hearts content. And being a StyleMaker gives you a platform to create your own brand identity. We want StyleMakers to bring their own personality to their Product Collections, to describe why they are passionate about the Products they list and to share why they believe that supporting those products (in lieu of others) can help change direction for the better on social matters.

Fortune – probably not, but you could make some good money! Or maybe it depends on your definition of fortune? StyleMakers earn a commission of 10% of the money SweetScore makes on the sale of Products that they add to SweetScore, if the Products they add were not already listed on SweetScore when added, for the first six months after they first add the Products. Note that the 10% applies only to money we earn as a result of the direct sale of the specific Products you list.


Q – Do all of the products I add have to have to be from Places with high SweetScores?

A – No. We encourage you to create your own definition of Products and Companies that make a difference. Our SweetScores are necessarily limited in the factors that they take into consideration. We want StyleMakers to fill in the gaps by presenting their own reasons to feel good about buying Products and supporting Companies, even if those Products may not receive high SweetScores.


Q – Do all of the Products I add as a StyleMaker have to be available for sale on Amazon?

A – For the moment, links to Amazon are the only means we have available for letting customers purchase Products, so yes, all Products you list have to be available for sale on Amazon.


Q – Do I need to use my real name and provide a real photo?

A – Yes. While we don’t expect Customers who participate in our Community activities on SweetScore to use a UserName that includes their full name, or to necessarily provide a picture of themselves, we do expect StyleMakers to show the world who they are.


Q – How do you make money on Product sales?

A – SweetScore has signed up for a standard advertising program that Amazon runs that lets us make advertising revenue from Amazon if we list Products on SweetScore and then send customers to Amazon who by the Products we list. Note that this is a standard Amazon program and that we are not affiliated with Amazon in any way.


Q – What skills and attributes do you expect StyleMakers to need to excel?

A – A passion and eye for great Products and great Product design – and for the idea that directed consumer dollars can change the world for the better. Great writing, storytelling and advocacy skills. The more you can create a compelling narrative for the Product collections you create, the more compelling you and the Products you recommend will be to SweetScore Customers. Let your personality and interests come through.


Pleas join us. Use this application form to become a StyleMaker on SweetScore.




StyleMaker Application
Please give us a brief description of why you're most interested in becoming a Collection Maker. Which of your passions would becoming a Collection Maker most fit with? Is it your love of certain products? Your passion for making the world a more just and humane place? Tell us.
Tell us which product categories would you be most excited to help us build out?
Tell us which of the Issues SweetScore tracks you're interested in.
Of the issues you checked, please tell us if there are one or more you're especially passionate about and how you think SweetScore can make a difference on that issue or issues.
Tell us which of these areas, if any you have experience in - either job experience or educational training. Prior experience isn't required, but may be helpful.
Tells us, in a few sentances, what experience you have that would help make you a great CollectionMaker.
Give us any other information you'd like for us to have.
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