Our Purpose:

At SweetScore, we believe we really can define a better world and then get there by working together.

A world that respects decency and honesty, that protects the environment for current and future generations, that respects the rights and differences of all human beings and that creates sustainable growth and provides economic and physical security for all.

We also believe that we've been moving away from that better world as much or more than we've been moving toward it of late.

Our mission at SweetScore is to help turn that around by empowering you to use your consumer dollars and your consumer voice to bring about positive change.

Please help us by getting involved on SweetScore in the various ways read we make available for you to get involved and in contributing in the various ways we make available on SweetScore for you to contribute.

You can read about our Mission here and see our FAQs here.  Please also note our  General Content Disclaimer here.

Our Practical Information:

SweetScore.com is owned and operated by SweetScore, Inc., a Delaware public benefit corporation headquartered in California.

References to SweetScore and to us or we on the site are references to SweetScore, Inc.  All content on the site is (c) SweetScore.  SweetScore and "Put Your Wallet Where Your Heart Is" are service marks of SweetScore protected by trademark and service mark law.

SweetScore is not affiliated with any company, entity, person or place referenced on SweetScore or linked to from SweetScore and nothing on SweetScore should be attributed to any company, entity, person or place referenced on SweetScore.

As noted elsewhere on the site, SweetScore offers suggestions to you - as political speech - on how you might use your shopping and how you might communicate with companies and with politicians, using the means we provide to facilitate that - in an effort to change laws and to create improvement on issues you care about.

We make information available to you regarding products, companies and places relevant to that.  The information is made available to us by others, including by members of the SweetScore customer community.   We don't present information as fact and disclaim any accuracy of any information available on SweetScore.  We simply present the information to you as a tool to help you with your own fact checking - and our suggestions are suggestions only.   We hope that the information you find on SweetScore and the Community you find at SweetScore will help you with your fact checking and in your own effort to determine how best to use your consumer dollars to effectuate the change you want to see.

We also know that issues we cover will be of interest to some and not all.  We appreciate that and respect that.

It's our goal, over time, to provide you better community tools, more information that will help you create and refine your action plan, and features that will help you focus your action on issues you care most about. You can help us get there faster by shopping through SweetScore, as that generates revenue for us.

In the meantime, please also contact us with more information and with your suggestions as to what you'd like to see us enhance first.

You can contact us using the form at  Contact Us or using one of the many form's we've made available off of the Community drop down menu on the top of each page.

SweetScore will work, ultimately, only as a community effort.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

For more information on SweetScore and how and why we do what we do, see our FAQs, here.


Put Your Wallet Where Your Heart Is ™