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SweetScore ethical gifts come from Companies, Countries and States showing leadership on climate action, women's rights, LGTBQ equality, gun control and freedom of the press, freedom of association and human rights.  All are chosen with an eye to quality and style. 

Beauty and Personal Care gifts make great gifts because they are so ......  personal.  Not personal in an "I'm blushing" sort of way (at least not most of those we have listed), but personal in an "I want to spoil you" "I want to see you indulged" "I want to see you relaxed and beautiful/ handsome" sort of way.  

Maybe that's because gifts in this category are rarely shared with others in the household.  Maybe it's because the gifts are inherently about refreshing, southing and taking pleasure.  Whatever the reason, there's something special and eternal about beauty and personal gifts.  Gifts from our collections here have all that going for them, and the good vibes that come with high SweetScore ratings - indicating that the gifts come from companies and places that demonstrate and model care for the environment and for human rights.

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Tools and Accessories for Her


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