#RealProLife Shopping Guide

Abortion Rights are Human Rights

A number of US States have recently added new laws designed to trample on abortion rights.


The lawmakers responsible apparently prefer to exploit division and hate rather than govern based on empathy, science and data.


They falsely claim their laws are "Pro-Life".


We call abortion rights Real Pro-Life.

Here, we provide you a Shopping Guide to help you direct your shopping spend to companies located in States that are #RealProLife.

We've started with two States with restrictive abortion laws and just a few Companies and will add more States and Companies over time.

The #RealProLife Shopping Guide

Georgia Based Companies

While you weren't looking, Georgia headquartered Coca-Cola went on a buying spree, moving beyond its sugary drinks origins (with all the health hazards they entail) and moved into a wide range of beverages, some more healthy than others.

The good news is that, if you're interested in putting a bit of heat on Coca-Cola over regressive laws and policies of its home state of  Georgia  (including regressive abortion laws, voter suppression laws and a failure to join other states in Climate Action), you have a lot of ways of doing so.

Makers of Alternative Products

New York headquartered PepsiCo is a major competitor in the beverage business and also is the owner of a number of well known snack brands, like Fritos.

Coca-Cola brands include:

Bottled Water:  Desani, Smart Water

Fruit Juices:  Smart Water. Odwalla Juices and Smoothies, Minute Maid Orange Juice, Minute Maid Lemonade, Minute Maid Juices, Simply Lemonade, Simply Orange, HiC, 

Cola:  Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Barque Sodas

Tea Drinks:  Honest Tea, Nestea, Gold Peak Teas

Sport Drinks:  PowerAde

Energy Drinks:  Full Throttle, Lift, Surge

Milk Drinks:   Fair Life Milk

Coffee:  Costa Coffee Chain, The Georgia Coffee Company

Pepsi brands include:

Bottled Water:  Aquafina

Fruit Juices:  Naked Juices and Smoothies, Tropicana Orange Juice


Cola:  Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, 7UP (Outside the US)

Tea Drinks: Pure Leaf,  Lipton

Sport Drinks:  Gatorade

Georgia headquartered Georgia-Pacific is owned by Koch-Industries, infamous for its owners' extremely active part in bank-rolling right wing politics in the US.

Georgia-Pacific is one of the US's largest makers of consumer paper products, including Brawny paper towels and Dixie cups.

Vermont based Seventh Generation, now owned by international conglomerate Unilever, is a leader in the developement and marketing of environmentally sensitive household cleaning products and paper goods.

Georgia-Pacific brands include:

Paper Towels:  Brawney, Sparkle

Seventh Generation brands include:

Paper Towels:  Seventh Generation Recycled and Non-Bleached Recylced paper towels


Toilet Paper:  Angel Soft, Quilten Northern, Soft-n-Gentle

Tissue:  Angel Soft, Quilted Northern

Paper Napkins:  Vanity Fair

Toilet Paper:  Seventh Generation TP - Recycled Paper

Tissue:  Amazon Brand Solimo, Target Brand Up&Up

Paper Napkins: Seventh Generation Recycled Paper Napkins

Plastic and Paper Cups and Plates: Dixie cups, Vanity Fair, Mardi-Gras


Plastic and Paper Cups and Plates Alternatives: the following from Chinet:  Chinet Paper Bowls, Chinet Desert Plates, Chinet Plastic Cups


Ohio Based Companies

Ohio headquartered Proctor and Gamble is one of the world's largest makers of home cleaning products, paper products and other non-consumable pantry products, including Tide laundry detergent and Puffs tissue.

Alternative Products

Procter and Gamble brands include:

Paper Towels:  Bounty

Toilet Paper:  Charmin

Toothpaste:  Crest

Tissue Paper:  Puffs

Dishwashing Liquid: Dawn, Joy

Laundry Detergent:  Tide, Ariel, Gain, Downey Soft


Alternative brands/ Products include:

Paper Towels:  Seventh Generation Recycled Paper Towels

Toilet Paper:  Seventh Generation TP

Toothpaste:  Colgate

Tissue Paper:  Amazon Brand Solimo, Target Brand Up&Up

Dishwashing Liquid: Method Products Dishwashing Liquid

Laundry Detergent:  Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent


Skin and Hair Care: Panteen, Head and Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Vidal Sassoon, Nice and Easy, Clairol, Olay, Ivory, Safeguard, Camay

Skin and Hair Care:  Please Add Products You Recommend

Make Up: Max Factor

Shaving Products: Gillette

Deodorants:  Old Spice, Gillette, Secret, 

Diapers: Pampers

Health Care:  Vicks, Pepto Bismol, AllDays



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Abortion Rights are Real Pro-Life



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