The Mueller Report by the Washington Post (Scribner; April, 2019)


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“IF we had had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so”
Robert Mueller, May 29th.

Read THIS report here.

We have chosen the Washington Post edition of the Report because it does a good job of explaining who the key players are; it lays out a timetable for the events and a context for the report, which we found very useful.

This is the report that will help you understand the extent to which foreign agents interfered in our 2018 elections.
The report details what indictable offenses may have occurred (which can not, according to the report), because Justice Deparment Guidelines did not allow him to charge a sitting President.

Read this “road map” for developing next steps to bolster our democracy. YOU must read this report to become fully informed about the clear and present dangers of foreign entities affecting our elections and the immense danger of a presidency that plays with the American rules of law.

We have read it. We believe that it is chilling information that can affect the value of your vote and the value of your citizenship.

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