Seventh Generation Paper Towels, 100% Recycled Paper


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Manufactured in : United States


Made by Vermont headquartered, environmentally friendly Seventh Generation, a subsidiary, since 2016, of  UK-Dutch company Unilever.

These are great, environmentally friendly (compared to other options) paper towels.

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From the company:

  • Seventh Generation White Paper Towels are made of 100% recycled paper (minimum 50% post-consumer recycled content)
  • Paper towels are strong and absorbent featuring right size half sheets customizable for little or big messes
  • No added chlorine, dyes, inks or fragrances
  • Recycled paper towels save energy, water and trees, 100% compostable
  • Includes 4 packages of 6 jumbo rolls each, 24 jumbo rolls total.

Points in favor of this product:

  • Made in USA
  • Respected product
  • Specifically designed to be environmentally friendly

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