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Pampers is named Best Diaper for Women’s Equality and Reproductive Rights in our SweetScore Recommends review of the Best Socially Conscious Diaper Companies by Kelly Black


Made in USA by Ohio based Procter and Gamble.

Nothing particularly sustainable about this very popular disposable diaper, unfortunately, but a quality diaper that fits snuggly and is as unlikely to leak as any diaper you’ll find.

Your little one may have her or his own opinions about which diaper brand she or he prefers, so it can be worth trying out a few different diapers before you settle on “the one.”

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Points in favor of this product:

  • Made in USA
  • Popular, quality diaper

Points not in favor of this product:

  • Maker (Procter and Gamble) is reported to be the third largest advertiser on Fox “News”
  • Nothing about this diaper is particularly sustainable (e.g. neither diaper components themselves nor diaper packaging are said to be made of recycled materials)
  • Maker’s headquarters location (Ohio) has been moving to aggressively restrict the reproductive rights of women and men
  • Of potential interest to those concerned about the ethics of the current administration and those in the GOP controlled Senate who support it, this product maker’s headquarters location (Ohio) boasts one GOP Senator and voted to elect DLT in 2016


For a more sustainably designed diaper, see Diapers from Seventh Generation.

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