Kindle Paperwhite


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Manufactured in : China


The best dedicated e-reader available.


Points in favor of this product:

- Lightweight
- Affordable
- More environmentally friendly than paper books. Assuming you’re reading more than five books a year

Points not in favor of this product:
- Made in China - which has no Freedom of the Press, a terrible record on environmental protraction and human rights and is widely considered a fascist country
- Amazon is often blamed for the failing of small retailers

Included in the “Father’s Day Gifts” collection from Haley Catalano

From Haley:

E-books are definitely a much more environmentally friendly choice than buying new books in paper.

Dads will love this, especially those who travel as this takes up no space and you can have multiple books on just one little device. I don’t love that this is made in China due to a plethora of reasons, but unfortunately there aren’t any e-readers on the market at the moment that aren’t made in China.





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