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Manufactured in : Texas

Is your father who is more of traditionalist? An “outdoors person”? In love with the rugged look? Take a look at this handmade boot by Helm created by two guys in Austin, Texas who had = a vision for an American hand-made, sustainable shoe with rugged style.

This Helm boot made by hand in Austin, Texas, is the way to go for the father who wants rugged, handmade style hand made by a team of 14 master shoe makers who live and work in Austin Texas. Handmade means great fit!

Note: My husband roamed through Italy looking for a boot made by hand as handsome as this “Zind Natural Boot”. He dragged me from hillside town to hillside town — ok, I liked it! — but this American-made boot did the trick and can be ordered on line in the good old USA.

Helm shoes are made by hand of the finest leathers. A pair will cost you a bit, but get help from your siblings or uncles and aunts and pool your pennies to buy these gorgeous handmade “Zind Natural” boots.

They are railway inspired and can be worn with jeans, but are dashing when worn with a suit. And watch for the coupon or special “reward program” that may make these $399 babies a bit more affordable. Heck, with the Helm policy of “resoling” their soles, you may stand to think of these as a legacy to inherit!

And, if your dad doesn’t like ‘em, just return them as Helm has a great return policy.

Country of Origin: USA, Austin Texas
Manufactured by hand by 14 master bootmakers in Austin, Texas (the blue city in a red state!)
Great return policy.
Used shoes are able to be sent to Austin to be re-soled and refinished to look good as new. No need to recycle!

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