Game of Thrones 9 year old Single Malt Whisky


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With a Scotch pedigree and a taste that goes down with a sweet and smoky tang, this whisky has been lovingly hand-crafted in the same sustainable way with the same high quality ingredients in the same small town in Scotland for more than 200 years! (Much more time than the 8 seasons of GOT!

One take of this whiskey will make you feel like you OWN the iron throne. (Or you feel able to build a new throne… Season 9 anyone?)

Lagavulin has been acquired by Diageo, a British owned company headquarter in London. In 2016 Diageo was ranked 11th out of 4, 255 companies worldwide for diversity and inclusiveness in the Thomas Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index.

In 2018 Diageo announced plans to create a 12-year-old whisky call JANE Walker (time to add some interest to the Johnnie Walker line!). She will be a “striding woman” rather than a top-hatted Johnnie.

And with a name like “Game of Thrones” this whiskey may be a collectable!

Order it now from K&L Wine Merchants

And whatever you do, drink responsibly. There are dragons out there.

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