Equator Coffee – Fair Trade Organic French Roast Blend


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Manufactured in : United States

Rich organic fair trade coffee roasted in California.

Here’s what Equator Coffee says about this blend:


This is our darkest roast. The goal with this French Roast blend is to develop delicate smoky nuances while retaining sweetness and fruit-toned chocolate flavors. The blend features a high grown, fully-washed coffee from Latin America as its foundation. The origin country fluctuates throughout the crop year to ensure freshness but, we always include bright-toned coffees with flavors of bittersweet chocolate and dried fruit. We then add a natural-processed coffee from Ethiopia to add complexity and body. All of the component coffees are certified organic and Fair Trade.

We typically roast this blend on our San Franciscan roaster which applies a great deal of conductive heat to the beans. Burners under the machine heat the roasting drum directly, which essentially roasts the coffee from the outside in. Due to the nature of this heat transfer, sweetness, some acidity and nuanced flavors are retained, while also achieving the typical smoky and chocolaty flavors expected in a dark roast. This results in more complexity than typically found in dark roasted coffee and is our non-traditional take on the classic French Roast concept.

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