Emile Henry Oval Starter Set


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Manufactured in : France

In our view, the best baking dish in the world come from Emile Henry

You might think that all baking pans function relatively similarly.  But you’d be wrong!

What pans are made of and how they are made really does make a difference in how they cook.  Seems obvious in a way, but still not something that is widely appreciated.

It’s largely what Emile Henry bakeware is made of that makes the difference.

In the same way that a great pizza stone is critical to making great pizza, the Burgundian clay that Emile Henry bakeware is made of makes a huge difference in how quickly and how well your food bakes.  It:

  • conducts heat
  • cooks more quickly – as food cooks from the bottom and the top in the oven
  • cooks evenly


And the high quality ceramic finish allows pans to clean more easily than many non-ceramic pans.

Perfect for roasting chicken, chops, potatoes and other vegetables.

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Part of our Made in USA + Wedding Gift Collection.

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