Kitchen and Entertaining

SweetScore ethical products come from Companies and Countries showing leadership on climate action, women's rights, LGTBQ equality, and freedom of the press, freedom of association and human rights.  All are chosen with an eye to quality and style. 

It's a bit easier to find kitchen and entertaining products from Companies and Countries you can feel good about buying from than it is products in a lot of other categories, but it's still not easy.  Most online sites and big box retailers are filled with products made in China and in other countries that receive very low SweetScores for protection of the environment and human rights.  

Our collections include only products made by companies supporting manufacturing in countries that protect the environment and human rights.  

When you buy products in our collections, you reward companies and places that demonstrate they care about more than making a money at any cost.


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Table Linens, Aprons and Tea Towels


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