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You're Unhappy About the Lack of Adequate Progress on Environmental Protections and Climate Action Around the World?


The good news: you’ve got an untapped source of huge power for positive change  – the power of your consumer spending. 

SweetScore.com gives you an easy way to tap into that power and buy from Places and Companies that protect the Environment and model Climate Action.


Best Coffee for the Environment - Larry’s Coffee Company

From Best Socially Conscious Coffee 2019, by Chris Ponzi

Coffee gives us the delicious gift of consciousness in an otherwise sleep-anemic world.  Coffee is the second largest international commodity in the world, second only to oil.  As such, coffee has massive impact on all life on earth.

Most don’t know that coffee could soon become an endangered plant species, and given that coffee farms take up more than an estimated 27 million acres, we can just barely comprehend the devastation to life that comes with destructive environmental practices. All the more reason to support a truly eco-friendly coffee company.

While there are many eco-progressive options, Larry’s Coffee leads the way with a solar-torch.

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Green Tech Innovations in Disposable Diapers

From Best Socially Conscious Diaper Companies 2019, by Kelly Black

Given the amount of money spent on disposable diapers and the massive contribution they make to our landfills, there's ample opportunity for Green Tech and Green New Deal innovation in diapers.

Here's one example:

Ecovia Renewables is a company begun by University of Michigan faculty with the goal of creating and commercializing bio-based components using sustainable methods. In plain English? They’re helping to develop materials that are recyclable within previously unrecyclable products like diapers.

They’ve secured $1.6 million to work on creating these components, and have so far produced a gel of superabsorbent molecules that can both absorb waste, but also breaks down completely in soil. Additionally, it may even actually help the environment by adding water to it as it breaks down, thus reducing the need to water the soil.

Ecovia estimates that it has two to four more years of product and marketing development before it’s ready to be introduced, but it already has great potential to be a complete game-changer in the reduction of millions of tons of diapers that fill landfills globally each year.

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Reading Recommendations

The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Remarkable Scientists and Their Dueling Visions to Shape Tomorrow’s World by Charles C. Mann

This book includes brief biographies of two scientists who moved environmentalism forward and who characterize two different schools of thought on how to approach environmental protection:

  • the "Prophet" school of thought that advocates reducing consumption consumption; and
  • the "Wizard" school of thought that says we should find more better means of production.

The scientists are Norman Borlaug (“the Wizard”), who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970, as a father of the “Green Revolution” that helped increase crop yields to feed growing populations, and William Vogt (“the Prophet”), who wrote  the monumental book, ‘Road to Survival’ in 1948, in which he concluded that human population growth would exhaust all natural resources.

This engaging book provides a good way of thinking about the contrasts and coordination between these two essential schools of thought.


Jung, a Biography, by Gerhard Wehr

Jung is a controversial figure, but we include this fine biography here because his theories on the unconscious mind and its influence on individual and collective behaviors have arguably never been more relevant or in need of consideration.

Jung concluded that our minds are programed to want certain things, including love, the approval of others, religion and sex.

These things drive behaviors, individual and societal, without our comprehension.

What better framework within which to understand the growth of fear, hate and selfishness that must be turned around if we are to write a plan for our own survival rather than a plan for our own extinction.

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