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We want SweetScore to be a place of constant activity.

Help us to make it that by proposing your own Take Actions to be included on SweetScore, using the form below.

Note that by proposing a Take Action you authorize us to use it for SweetScore related purposes as provided in our Terms of Use and that we may attribute it to you by using your first name and the first letter in your last name, and the place in which you reside.

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Your Take Action Proposal

Please give us a brief general description of the Take Action you're proposing. Remember that we want our Take Actions to be as specific as possible.
If there is a particular page on SweetScore you'd like to see us add your Take Action, please provide that. For instance, a Company page or a Place page.
Please list the place or places your Take Action relates to. If All, please state All.
If there is a specific news report or other media related to your Take Action, please provide the URL here. For instance, your Take Action might relate to a recent incident or event reported in The Guardian or New York Times.
Take Actions involve a communication to someone about something specific - like a communication to a State Governor asking the Governor to veto proposed legislation.
Please provide an email address that messages of those taking part in your proposed Take Action will send their messages to. For example, a message to a State Governor would go to the email address for writing to the Governor provided on the Governor's website.
This is the specific message that you propose that those taking part in your Take Action will send.

Your Information

Please provide us with any other information regarding your proposed Take Action you'd like to provide - and thanks for helping out! we really appreciate your participation!



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