Balanced US Trade

It’s premise is that, while international trade is generally good, sustained trade deficits that strip manufacturing jobs from some countries to the benefit of others (whether or not created by unfair trading laws) are both harmful to workers who lose their jobs and their families but can also be disruptive generally to societies in ways that can lead to highly negative consequences for democracy, decency and progressive thought.  Those who fear that their family’s economic well being is under threat are open to promises of those who seek to foment and take advantage of that fear.  We see a strong industrial policy that protects local manufacturing jobs while encouraging trade as a fundamental.

For a deeper analysis of these issues, see the book Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?, by Robert Kuttner.

We include this Issue on SweetScore to provide general guidance on which countries buy as much from the US as the US buys from them.  Simplistic, we know, but a simple yardstick to help determine whether the country may be pulling jobs from the US or helping create jobs by buying from the US as much as the US buys from it. Over time, we’ll make work to make our ratings for this Issue more sophisticated – and we’re sure your suggestions on how to do so will help us get there.

You can read how SweetScores on this and other Issues are determined at About SweetScores.

We at SweetScore support free trade, without barriers, where trade is fair and creates a win-win.
Note that while this issue uses “U.S.” in its name, there are many countries that buy about as much or more from the U.S. at it buys from them and that therefore receive scores on this issue that approach or equal the 10 that the U.S. itself receives.  These include: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.
We encourage you to do your own research and to come to your own conclusions  about how to best to think about protections for US workers in our increasingly globalized economy.

SweetScores are political opinion, not fact.  Please see our Content and Ratings Disclaimer.

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