Activist Organizations

There are a lot of amazing organizations working for positive change around the globe.

Here are just a few of them.  Please send us your suggestions for organizations we should add and the Places they serve.  We’d like to build out a comprehensive list for each of the Issues we cover for each Place we cover.  You can send your suggestions to us here.


Environmental Protection Organizations


Sustainable Works – This Santa Monica based environmental organization sets the standard for local action, emphasizing awareness and running a model green business certification program. Read more here.


Women’s Equality Organizations


Planned Parenthood – the leader in the protection of women’s reproductive rights.  Find them here.


LGBT Community Organizations


Human Rights Campaign – HRC has been fighting the good fight for decades and has a lot to show for it.  Their effort now is increasingly on helping those in the LGBT community around the globe.  They have lots of ways for you to get involved.  Find them here.


Responsible Controls on Assault Weapons / Gun Control


Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence – tracking of gun laws across the 50 US States and advocacy for reasonable rules to regulate firearms.  Find them here.



Put Your Wallet Where Your Heart Is