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Featured Review - Best Socially Conscious Coffee Companies 2019

By Chris Ponzi

Coffee gives us the delicious gift of consciousness in an otherwise sleep-anemic world.  Coffee is the second largest international commodity in the world, second only to oil.  As such, coffee has massive impact on all life on earth.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of coffee companies in all shapes and sizes, and even more farms that cultivate and harvest the red coffee berry (yes, coffee starts as a red berry).  The coffee industry is a complex blend of international models that partner with coffee farmers in origin countries mostly near the equator, to bring back the hand-picked, washed, and dried “green coffee bean” to major coffee consuming countries like the U.S., where they are then roasted and distributed for maximum freshness.

That black gold you’re sipping has had a long journey, my friends!  With so many players in the bean game, coffee company ethics fall on a planetary-wide scale: from deplorable environmental and social practices that inspire tears, to the top of the range where Larry’s Coffee comfortably rests.

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SweetScore StyleMakers

Featured Collection - Walk Tall! from StyleMaker Jennifer O'Brien

When leaving the house, I always want to be confident and feel my best! Whether it is having a pair of everyday comfy shoes that match a cool statement T-shirt or date night in those amazing heels with the beautifully crafted purse. These products help me do that every day!

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Featured Collection - Spa Night! from StyleMaker Jennifer O'Brien

Everyone needs a little me time, we can’t always make it to a salon!  I used to go to a salon and after a while I realized how brittle my nails got. I decided to stop and try doing it on my own! Voila! I found out it wasn’t that hard, and I saved money! Win!

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Featured Collection - Essentials for Your Next Protest March From StyleMaker Patricia Palleschi

Here's an -- admittedly tongue-in-cheek -- definitive collection of must haves for your next march from StyleMaker Pat Palleschi.  Includes the pink yarn and crochet needles you'll need to make your pussyhat!

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Featured Collection

Wedding Gifts Made in the USA and Other Countries Supporting Freedom of the Press and Fundamental Human Rights

Here's a starter collection of great wedding gifts made in countries on our Made in USA + List, which all have great SweetScores and buy about as much from the US as the US buys from them.

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Featured Collection

Artisanal Organic Coffee

Here's a set of great organic coffees - all easy to buy online.

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Featured Company - Method Products

Method Products has put Environmental Protection and Social Justice at the center of its mission since its founding.

It's a leader in using technology to develop new cleaning supplies and hand washes that work effectively and are far more gentle on the environment than most competitive products.  It's also a stand-out leader in design, taking the view that even everyday household products can and should be stylish.

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Featured Company Take Action - Thanks Green Toys!

GreenToys hits all the buttons for green design, manages to produce reasonably priced, quality toys meeting the stringent environmental protection laws of California and is creating quality manufacturing jobs right in the principal market for its toys - the United States.

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Featured Company Take Action - Progressive Insurance

Progressive is one of the largest companies headquartered in Ohio.

Ohio recently passed draconian laws targeting women's reproductive rights.

Join our TakeAction asking Progressive to use it's influence to protect women's reproductive rights in Ohio



Featured Country - United Kingdom

The UK is taking a lot of knocks right now as it struggles with Brexit.  But the UK ranks high on every single Issue SweetScore covers.  It's a leader among nations on:

Environmental Protections - 8 out of 10

Women's Equality and Reproductive Rights - 9 out of 10

LGBTQ+ Equality Protections - 10 out of 10

Protection of the Press and Individual Liberties and Corruption Free Governance  (our Just and Civil Society Issue) - 9 out of 10

Great Trading Partner to the US - 10 out of 10 (meaning its among the countries that buys about as much or more from the US in goods as the US buys from it)

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Featured State - California

What drives California? It's the California flywheel:

  • welcoming all with empathy and respect + protection of the environment
  • fosters self respect, self confidence and optimism - not among a privileged few, but among the many
  • generates an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and creative risk taking
  • drives economic growth

California ranks high on every SweetScore Issue.

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SweetScore Writers

Featured Writer - Haley Catano

Haley is a freelance writer and full time traveler. She has been published on various websites and enjoys sharing her lessons and tips from traveling all over the world. The more exposure she gets to different cultures and places, the more she wants to protect them and aims to make sustainable and ethical choices in everything she buys.

Haley has contributed her ratings for a number of Companies on SweetScore.



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