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We list gifts from Companies and Countries that demonstrate environmental and human rights leadership  - and show you unique SweetScore ethical shopping ratings for each gift.

When you buy gifts shown on SweetScore, you reward model Companies, Countries and States and encourage others to up their game.

"Made in" Collections

Made in USA Gifts

Who knew there were still so many terrific products that make great gifts that are Made in USA?  They're hard to find at most retailers, but we have them here.  The USA ranks in the top 10 in SweetScore's Country rankings for protection of the environment and human rights.

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Made in Europe and the UK Gifts

There are a lot of terrific gift choices that are made in Europe and the UK.  The countries represented in this collection rank at or near the top in SweetScore's Country rankings for leadership on protection of the environment and human rights, including protection of freedom of the press, women's equality and LGTBQ equality.

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Gifts by Gift Type

Baby and Toddler Gifts

Almost all Baby products on the shelves of US retailers are Made in China, but we've found stylish and functional Baby and Toddler gifts in every key Baby and Toddler Category.

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Beauty and Personal Care Gifts

What makes Beauty and Personal Care Gifts especially meaningful as gifts is that  they say "I want to indulge you."

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Gifts for Women

There are so many great socially mindful gifts for Women.  See our Collection and help us find more to add.

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Gifts for Men

Our gifts for men combine style and function.

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Kitchen and Entertaining Gifts

While so many product makers have move production out of democracies and into countries that many would call fascist, there are a surprising number of Kitchen and Entertaining Gifts still made in countries and by companies that respect and protect freedom of speech and other fundamental human rights.  Buying gifts in this and other collections on SweetScore rewards Companies demonstrating moral leadership - and a prioritization of more than corporate profits.

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Wedding Gifts

Weddings are such joyous occasions - and all about new beginnings. Why not give a gift that builds hope for the future?

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SweetScore StyleMaker Collections

SweetScore StyleMakers Create Unique Ethical Shopping Collections Using Their Own Eye for Style

Norwegian Made Gifts for the Men in Your Life - by Jennifer O'Brien

I love this collection as Norway is one of the most progressive countries in the world. Whether it's women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, gun control, or helping the environment, Norway has always been a leader in doing what is right.

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Socially Conscious Holiday Gifts for Your Husband, Dad or Brother - by Haley Catalano

I don’t know about you, but the men in my life are the hardest people to shop for. They never seem to want or need very much but I love them and want to be able to get them an awesome gift on his day that I can feel good about buying for him!

These are some of my favorite ethical shopping gift ideas for the men in your life.

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Featured StyleMaker Collection

Glam it Up! from Jennifer O'Brien

Who doesn’t enjoy feeling rested and beautiful? We have all had those long days or weeks where we feel and possibly look like zombies, yikes! So, every so often I like to pick myself up by glamming up my day or night! These are some of the products that help me achieve my best life!

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UK Wedding Outfits and Gifts - from StyleMaker Jennifer O'Brien

Weddings are such a special occasion for not only the bride and groom but also the guests - and UK weddings have such style and joy.

I hope this list gives you some great ideas for an outfit or a great wedding gift!

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Featured StyleMaker Collection

Essentials for Your Next Protest March From StyleMaker Patricia Palleschi

Here's an -- admittedly tongue-in-cheek -- definitive collection of must haves for your next march from StyleMaker Pat Palleschi.  Includes the pink yarn and crochet needles you'll need to make your pussyhat!

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SweetScore Recommends - Ethical Company Reviews

No company is perfect and most companies do everything they can to suppress that fact, while New Belgium is the first to admit what they’re doing wrong in big bold red letters (seriously) -- along with how they want to fix it.

Their transparency on all levels of their business is unparalleled to any other I assessed, as even a quick look at their Sustainability report on their website attests.

They also deserve recognition for:

-- leading in all of the places that green brewers can;

-- being female inclusive (if not centric) from their beginning;

-- promoting positive communities centered around the needs of the people in them -- with biking as an organizational structure for that.

Read Chris' Full Review

In this review, Chirs names a Best Overall and a Best Beer Company for Environmental Protection, Women's Equality, LGBTQ + Equality, Gun Control and Promotion of a Just and Civil Society.

Featured Country - Norway

Turns out that the people in Norway are just as lovely as its fjords. Like many of its Scandinavian neighbors, Norway has absolutely remarkable numbers on everything from Environmental Protection to Women's Rights. Norwegians have strived to build a society in which everyone is protected and cared for, and that's been reflected in the remarkable freedoms all of their citizens enjoy.

Environmental Protections - 8 out of 10

Women's Equality and Reproductive Rights - 9 out of 10

LGBTQ+ Equality Protections - 10 out of 10

Protection of the Press and Corruption Free Governance  (our Just and Civil Society Issue) - 9 out of 10

Great Trading Partner to the US - 10 out of 10

See Norwegian Companies you can support now on our Norway page.

SweetScore Writers

Featured Writer - Faustine Wohlfart

Faustine Wohlfart is a freelance journalist, a queer woman and a feminist. In addition to having her work appear on SweetScore, Vox and The Establishment, she has ghostwritten 19 non-fiction books. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Originally from Sweden, Faustine currently resides in Brittany, France.

Read Faustine's SweetScore Recommends Review Best Socially Conscious Hotel Chains 2019


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